Genting Highlands, Malaysia Transportation Guide

Genting Highlands, the City of Entertainment and Casinos, is located in the mountain region in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. There are many travel options when travelling to Genting Highlands. Getting there can be an enjoyable or a hectic experience dependent on the mode of transport and also on the weather conditions. Below are some recommended transportation tips to Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

Travelling By Car: By car is by far one of the most popular modes of transportation to Genting Highlands. It is only about 45 minutes to an hour’s drive from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. From Singapore, it can take about 4 to 5 hours (dependent on at what speed your drive on the highway). Driving up by yourself has its advantages, it provides you the most flexibility as you can tour around the surrounding areas (such as Kuala Lumpur) first before making the journey up the mountain to Genting. If the weather is good, then you will have quite a scenic experience up the mountain. However there are a few things to take note when going by car:

1.) Weather Conditions As you head up the mountain, because of the change in elevation, it can get foggy at times and with a good chance of rain. Therefore exercise some caution while driving, as the fog and rain can negatively affect the driving conditions.
2.) Traffic Conditions Typically if travelling from Friday evening (6pm onwards) to Saturday evening, there will be lots of cars on the road. This is because many locals around Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding region will make a quick trip up to Genting Highlands for the weekend. Therefore be careful when driving up the high slopes and take extra caution on the corners of the road for oncoming and overtaking traffic during the busy periods.

3.) Driving Techniques As with driving up any mountain, be sure to switch off the air conditioner and roll down the window when ascending the mountain. This will help in conserving your petrol, and ensures your car has enough power to make the climb up the mountain to Genting. Plus as you ascend higher, you do not feel the hot Malaysian humidity anymore, so you can enjoy the fresh cooling mountain breeze. Also ensure you switch to the lower gears when you need the extra power in your transmission. There are signs marked along the road indicating when it is recommended to switch to the lower gear. The key is to ensure your car has enough momentum to climb the mountain, as certain bends tend to be tricky and may cause your car to stall if you do not have the right momentum.

4.) Parking Parking is free at the First World Hotel. That is by far the largest parking lot in Genting Highlands. However, it is recommended to avoid coming to Genting during the peak periods (as mentioned in point 2 above), as finding a parking space will be difficult. If you come early enough before the crowds arrive, there should be plenty of space for you.
By Bus: Travelling by bus is another popular mode of transportation. Many bus companies from Singapore / Johor region offer overnight coaches to Genting Highlands. So you can save some time by sleeping on the bus on your way there. The only limitation with travelling by bus is the longer commute time, as typically the bus will travel slower.

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